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    1. Disposable Surgical StaplerAs each surgery requires different kinds of surgical staplers, WeCare has developed a variety of medical equipment such as curved cutters, linear cutters, circular staplers and staplers with long, slim shafts.
    1. Disposable Surgical Trocar

      A surgical trocar is a single-use medical device that allows surgeons to access the abdominal cavity during a laparoscopic procedure. With a pen-like design and a sharp triangular point at one end, the laparoscopic trocar can create an opening without causing abdominal fascia damage.

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    1. Disposable Biopsy ForcepsUpon request, a guide sheath can be added to this surgical forceps for smooth insertion into the endoscope channel with minimized damage to the interior.
    1. Disposable Stone Extraction BasketOnce the basket is properly located within the duct, the contrast material is injected into the basket via an injection port on the control handle.
    1. Disposable Cytology BrushThese surgical instruments are used for cell sample collection from the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts under endoscope guidance.
    1. Disposable Subcuticular SutureThe intradermal suture is a non-absorbable, sterile suture that is biologically compatible with the tissue it closes so the tissue won’t react negatively to the suture.
    1. Disposable Balloon CatheterThe balloon can be folded to one-third of its original size, so it can pass easily through a 2.8mm diameter hole during biopsy. After reaching its proper biopsy site, the balloon can safely and conviently expand under the guidance of an endoscope.
    1. Disposable Rubber Band LigatorA hemorrhoid is one of the most common disorders of the anus and rectum, but it often goes untreated. Our efficient and patient-friendly rubber band ligation system doesn’t require surgery or pain medication.
    1. Disposable Percutaneous Tracheostomy KitWeCare's percutaneous tracheostomy kit is a collection of surgical instruments for making an opening through the neck into the windpipe and inserting a trach tube. The tube creates an artificial airway that allows patients to breathe.
    1. Disposable Surgical Mesh (for Hernia Repair)When internal organs push through weak points in your body, sticking out as a bump or bulge, a hernia may result. When it comes to repairing hernias, mesh reinforcement has the best long-term results.
    1. Disposable Zebra GuidewireWeCare's zebra guidewire features a kink-resistant nitinol core with a flexible outer PTFE jacket. The black and yellow striped pattern gives a clear view of the guidewire's position and movement under endoscope.
    1. Disposable Skin Stapler

      Single-use skin stapler provides consistent staple formation, without causing a negative reaction with tissue. The resulting staple line is tight, leak-free, and can withstand rough handling.

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If you are looking for quality surgical instruments to close up a wound, remove a hemorrhoid, or to repair a hernia, then look no further. Our line of medical tools can meet any of your demand, and offers high safety and reliability.

With over 100 models of surgical instruments available, WeCare is an experienced manufacturer of medical tools serving large hospitals and private clinics. Our sharp-bladed, single-use, hygienic surgical instruments can be used in a variety of operational procedures with the safety and well-being of patients in mind. Different models are designed so surgeons can easily reach into narrow spaces with the highest visibility.

If you purchase the supplies for a large hospital or are a medical equipment agent, WeCare is your best choice for quality surgical instruments at great prices. Here, you'll find almost everything you need for surgical operations, including the surgical stapler, trocar, biopsy forceps, cytology brush, and suture passer. Most of these disposable products are single-usemedical tools, for preventing cross-contamination and keeping patients safe from infection. Browse our catalog for more information.