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Embedding Station

    1. Embedding Station, BMJ-AThe embedding center comprises of two separate components, the cold plate and the main console. The independent modules offer the flexibility to arrange workflow in either left to right or left to right direction based on user's operating habit.
    1. Embedding Station, BMJ-BBMJ-B embedding station is clad in a one-piece stamped housing. Integrated work table design allows residual paraffin to flow back into the storage tank.
    1. Embedding Station, BMJ-CAutomatic process control makes it easier to preset the time to start and shut down the embedding station for any coming days.
As a professional pathology instrument provider, we know that you only have one chance to prepare the specimen right and your patients are so anxious to know what disease they are suffering that they don't want to wait. Our embedding station is built with specimen quality, safety and processing efficiency in mind, allowing quick turnaround of paraffin blocks with specimens embedded in them.