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Steel Plates (for Spinal Fixation)

    1. Screw and Rod Fixation System, KCO3.2

      The KCO3.2 is a multi-axial pedicle screw that provides a full 55° range of motion or, more technically known as conical angulation. Uniquely tapered heads are more accommodating to variables in patient anatomy.

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    1. Posterior Fixation System, KSS-II5.5KSS-II5.5 pedicle screw features trapezoidal threads which minimize external radial load felt by the screw head, prevent the screw from slipping out of place, and keep spinal segments firmly aligned and stabilized.
    1. Anterior Fixation System, KSS-II5.5

      Enlarged root diameter reduces the risk of screw breakage. Friction fit washer sticks tightly to the spinal segments to be fixated. Unique torx head design prevents slipping as surgeons tighten the screw into the pedicle.

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    1. Spinal Fixation System, KSS-III6.0 (Slip-Resistant)Fixing a bone break is a slow process. Wecare provides a range of spinal fixation systems that include bolts, rods, connectors and pedicle screws needed to help realign the bone fracture into its normal position and keep the broken bone stable in order to heal the right way.
    1. Anterior Cervical Plate-I SystemLow-profile anterior cervical plate, of 1.8mm in thickness. Steel plate allows the fixation screw a 0°~12° range of motion in the frontal plane and a 0°~10° range of motion in the sagittal plane.
    1. Anterior Cervical Plate-II systemUnique graft-viewing windows allow for better visualization of the bone graft positioning process. Steel plate allows the fixation screw a 0°~12° range of motion in the front plane and a 0°~10° range of motion in the sagittal plane.
    1. Interbody Fusion CageMaterial: Titanium alloy
      Diameter: 15× 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5
      Product No. : 6821545-6821585
Injuries to the spine are no small matter. They can further lead to loss of feeling or, paralysis in the worst-case scenario. When your backbone breaks, these steel plates could be your lifesaver in the spinal fusion surgery as they keep the posterior part of your cervical vertebrae as well as thoracic vertebrae stabilized and in alignment.

As an experienced spinal fixation system supplier, Wecare provides a complete range of steel plates, each type specific to the job of fixating a certain part of your spinal vertebrae. Most of our internalfixators are made of titanium alloys or pure titanium, delivering superior mechanical performance, plasticity and adaptability. Here we list some of spine conditions that might require the use of our steel plates.

Occipital bone and upper cervical spine instability
Atrophic arthritis
Congenital spinal deformity
Post-traumatic spinal instability
Spinal tumor
Spinal infection

Lower cervical spine and upper thoracic spine instability
Post-traumatic spinal instability
Spinal tumor
Post-laminectomy syndrome (iatrogenic spinal instability)
Degenerative lower cervical spine and upper thoracic spine, post-traumatic anomaly