Because we are trusted with the life of patients, quality always comes first. WeCare works with medical device agents, medical research institutes, and hospitals in helping patients bounce quickly back to good health.

WeCare's wide range of medical devices includes surgical instruments, pathology equipment, and bone plates.

WeCare is a trusted manufacturer of medical apparatus in China, but we consider ourselves more than just a business. We work with doctors and health care organizations in order to help patients live happy and healthy lives. At WeCare we understand that when doctors are performing surgery or other medical procedures, they want everything to be completed properly the first time. Regardless of the medical device that you need, the quality and design of medical instruments produced by WeCare are all carefully engineered for use on the human body. Our surgical staplers, tissue processors and internal fixation devices are high end medical tools that are preferred by doctors and medical staff around the world. Doctors use WeCare trocars, suture graspers, embedding machines and many of our other products every day with great confidence and that is why we do what we do.

Our Products
    1. Disposable Circular Stapler

      WeCare's circular stapler is designed to carry out circular end-to-end, side-to-end, or side-to-side anastomosis of the digestive tract. Use this surgical stapler to connect between two channels, blood vessels or tubes in esophageal, gastric, and intestinal surgeries.

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    1. Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler (with Cutter Assembly)

      Cutting blade can be disposed of and replaced along with the staple cartridge. Consistently sharp blades ensure successful cutting, so that the cut tissue is left intact and minimum trauma is incurred.

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    1. Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler

      Match this surgical stapler with different staple cartridges to fit the needs of each surgery. In clinical surgeries, such as gastrectomy and pneumonectomy, a staple height of 4.5mm should be selected.

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    1. Disposable Linear Stapler

      The linear stapler uses a cutting guide to keep the cut and suture path carefully controlled. Use in thoracic, laparoscopic operations for tissue closure and transection.

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    1. Disposable Surgical Trocar

      A surgical trocar is a single-use medical device that allows surgeons to access the abdominal cavity during a laparoscopic procedure. With a pen-like design and a sharp triangular point at one end, the laparoscopic trocar can create an opening without causing abdominal fascia damage.

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    1. Disposable Suture Passer

      The lock-out mechanism ensures maximum safety in suturing, making it unlikely for the suture to slip out of position or collapse.

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    1. Disposable Wound Protector/Retractor

      A flexible, distal blue ring is inserted through the incision, and the height of the protector can be adjusted for different abdominal wall thickness.

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    1. Disposable Skin Stapler

      Single-use skin stapler provides consistent staple formation, without causing a negative reaction with tissue. The resulting staple line is tight, leak-free, and can withstand rough handling.

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    1. Computer Controlled Tissue Processor, TSJ

      TSJ computer controlled tissue processor is designed for routine processing of fixed tissue, delivering tissue quality at each step from dehydration to infiltration.

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