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Disposable Wound Protector/Retractor

WeCare's wound protector is a great solution for helping surgeons see into the wound while still protecting the wound site from contamination.

A flexible, distal blue ring is inserted through the incision, and the height of the protector can be adjusted for different abdominal wall thickness. The plastic film stretched between two rings form the passage where surgeons can easily access internal tissue. We can also provide a fixed height wound retractor.

These plastic rings, at the proximal and distal end, are made of polyurethane. For the fixed height wound protector, the passage is made of silicone rubber. For the variable height retractors, PU is used for the passage. Both configurations are highly sanitary surgical accessories and can be used in endoscopic surgery, small incision surgery, and other surgeries that require incision and retraction.

Features of the Wound Protector
1. All-Around Protection

Prevents contamination of Class II and III wounds
Avoids tumor implants or metastasis
Protects incision from infection
Prevents secondary endometriosis after a C-section
Keeps wound moist
Protects tissue incision from burns due to mishandling (insulation film would protect the wound from electric shock caused by the hook electrode and electric knife)

2. Maximized Working Area
Optimized wound exposure, better visualization
Even pressure on the incision reduces the risk of localized tissue stress, damage or blood extravasation.
Wound protector effectively spreads the load felt by the tissue, reducing post-operative pain.

3. Simple Operation
This single use wound protector is widely used in single-incision endoscopic surgery.
With the wound retractor, surgeons can pass a more sharply curved endoscopic instrument through the incision.
The wound protector also allows surgeons to temporarily move organs out of the way.
Minimizes the risk of crushing the wound.

Model Selection
Types Specifications Standards
WQA 60/70-60/150 60×70×150
80/90-80/150 80×90×150
120/130-120/250 120×130×250
150/160-150/250 150×160×250
180/190-180/250 180×190×250
220/230-220/250 220×230×250
270/280-270/250 270×280×250
320/330-320/250 320×330×250
WQB 40/30-15/25 40×30×25
50/40-15/20 50×40×20
50/40-25/25 50×40×25
50/50-25/30 50×50×30
60/50-25/25 60×50×25
60/50-25/50 60×50×50
70/60-35/50 70×60×50
70/70-35/25 70×70×25
70/70-35/40 70×70×40

Single packed with dialysis bag. Then put into individual colored package together with the operation instruction. Double packing prevents the product from being damaged in the normal transportation and storage.

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