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Disposable Surgical Mesh(for Hernia Repair)

When internal organs push through weak points in your body, sticking out as a bump or bulge, a hernia may result. When it comes to repairing hernias, mesh reinforcement has the best long-term results. The surgical mesh plugs that weak point, compressing any bump or bulge.

The mesh plug is inserted in the hernia via the inguinal canal. A proper abdominal pressure is maintained throughout the repair process. Only local anesthesia is required to minimize pain. A mesh patch might also be used to prevent the hernia from recurring.
Plug Specs (cm)

Patch Specs (cm)
Φ5:(1)8×12 (2)H4.2/4.5(6×13)
Φ8: (1)6×13 (2)H4.2/4.5(6×13)

Screen Specs (cm)
5×10; 6×11; 10×25; 15×15; 5×30; 8×15; 10×10

Our mesh-like structure is woven from imported polypropylene, and is best for tension-free hernia repairs. The surgical mesh can be permanently implanted into a patient's body right outside the abdominal wall. With a mesh size of more than 10 microns, most white blood cells can pass freely through the mesh while bacteria with a 1 micron diameter will not. After inserting the mesh, the repaired area will quickly produce fibrous tissues on the mesh, forming thick tissue walls to reinforce that weak point.

WeCare's surgical mesh can be in the form of a plug, patch or a flat mesh screen. Each mesh will be packaged within two layers of blister pack to protect against damage during transportation and keep it sterile.

These hernia repair meshes are made from monofilament PP fiber that has excellent biocompatibility, softness, toughness, and comfort. Each piece of mesh is precisely cut with no burrs along the edges using a Japanese ultrasonic plasma cutter.

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