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Disposable Skin Stapler

Benefits of the Skin Stapler
1. Single-use skin stapler provides consistent staple formation, without causing a negative reaction with tissue. The resulting staple line is tight, leak-free, and can withstand rough handling.
2. Removing staples is painless and won't leave behind holes or scars. The healed incision is barely visible.
3. Using skin staplers for closing wounds reduces time spent under local anesthesia and in surgical operation.
4. An ideal replacement for traditional silk sutures and a step forward in anastomosis technology.

Precautions for use
1. This skin stapler is a sterile surgical instrument designed for single use only. Check if the package is intact before open it. Do not use this stapling device repeatedly, even if it has been sterilized. The stapler should be properly disposed of after being used once.
2. In a clinical operation, the last one or two staples should not be used for stapling.
3. Make sure the trigger is fully closed before being released. This operation is important in ensuring the next firing cycle can be successfully done.
4. Check the stapled wound after the surgery for any signs of rejection reactions.
5. Do not use the stapler when the skin is less than 5mm from the bone, blood vessel, or internal organ below.

Applications for the Skin Stapler
Minimally invasive surgical operations in general surgery, burns and scalds treatment, and orthopedic, cardio-thoracic, and neurological surgery for closing wounds 10-30cm long.

Technical Specifications
Type No. of nails Nail width (mm) Nail height (mm)
WPW-15A 15 14 3.5
WPW-15B 15 10 3.5
WPW-25A 25 14 3.5
WPW-25B 25 10 3.5
WPW-35A 35 14 3.5
WPW-35B 35 10 3.5
WPW-45A 45 14 3.5
WPW-45B 45 10 3.5
WPW-55A 55 14 3.5
WPW-55B 55 10 3.5

One set is sealed with the blister box and dialyzing paper and sterilized. Then put into the hard paper colored box together with the operation instruction and inspection Certificate, preventing from being damaged and easy to storage.
The validity is three year start from packing. OEM packed and logo accepted.

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