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Disposable Surgical Trocar

A surgical trocar is a single-use medical device that allows surgeons to access the abdominal cavity during a laparoscopic procedure. With a pen-like design and a sharp triangular point at one end, the laparoscopic trocar can create an opening without causing abdominal fascia damage.

Features of Surgical Trocar
1. Excellent seal design prevents air from escaping from the abdominal cavity and maintains the proper air pressure in the abdomen.
2. Works perfectly with a 12mm laparoscope under the guide of a 30 degree mirror.
3. Unique trocar probe design prevents the abdominal wall and blood vessels from being damaged.
4. Non-slip thread provides rigid fixation to the abdominal wall.
5. The cannula tip is blunted to protect the surrounding organs.
7. Three-way valves deliver air on demand.

WeCare's surgical trocar is used to create a passage through the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic operation.

Technical Specs of Surgical Trocar
Type Outer Diameter for puncture core(mm) Inside diameter for puncture casing(mm) Length for puncture casing(mm)
WC5S 5.8+_0.8 6.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC5M 104+_2
WC5L 150+_2
WC8S 8.8+_0.8 9.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC8M 104+_2
WC8L 150+_2
WC10S 10.8+_0.8 11.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC10M 104+_2
WC10L 150+_2
WC11S 11.8+_0.8 12.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC11M 104+_2
WC11L 150+_2
WC12S 12.8+_0.8 13.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC12M 104+_2
WC12L 150+_2
WC15S 15.8+_0.8 16.4+_0.2 77+_2
WC15M 104+_2
WC15L 150+_2

Each trocar is in individual package, sealed with the blister box and dialyzing paper, then put into the hard paper colored box together with the operation instruction. The corrugate carton is the outer package, preventing the product from being damaged in the normal transportation and storage.
Also can as your requirement.

OEM accepted
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Can be used directly, we have sterilized it before delivery.

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