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Disposable Biopsy Forceps

The jaws of this biopsy forceps are either 1.8mm or 2.3mm diameter when closed. Upon request, a guide sheath can be added to this surgical forceps for smooth insertion into the endoscope channel with minimized damage to the interior. Sheathed and sheathless biopsy forceps are denoted by the letter P and O respectively.

This series of surgical forceps comes in with different types of jaws. The ordinary jaw has no teeth along the edge, while the alligator jaw ensures a firm grip on slippery tissue. These two jaw configurations are indicated by T1 and T2 respectively. The jaw opening can also come with or without a sharp-pointed needle, represented by the letter A and B.

Features & Benefits
1. This single-use surgical forceps is designed to be used only once, minimizing the risk of cross-infection.
2. The biopsy forceps is assembled in a class 100,000 clean-room and packed in sterile packaging.
3. Cuts sharply, removes a properly sized tissue sample from the biopsy site, helping surgeons determine the presence and cause of tissue disease.
4. Patented jaw design allows easy access to any curved channel as the forceps passes through it.
5. Ultra-smooth coating effectively reduces friction with the endoscope channel.
6. Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort in operation, has upper and lower limit positions clearly indicated.
7. A complete line-up of surgical instruments suits for various clinical needs.
8. Laser welded connection offers a solid joint.

Surgical Applications
The biopsy forceps works with the endoscope to remove tissue for laboratory examination.

Technical Specs
Model Closed Jaw Diameter (mm) Effective Length (mm)
WKG-T1A-O φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T1A-O φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T1A-P φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T1A-P φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T1B-O φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T1B-O φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T1B-P φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T1B-P φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T2A-O φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T2A-O φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T2A-P φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T2A-P φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T2B-O φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T2B-O φ2.3 1200-2600
WKG-T2B-P φ1.8 700-2600
WKZ-T2B-P φ2.3 1200-2600

Single sterilized packed with dialysis pouch. Then ten pieces put into a paper colored box together with the operation instruction.

Customized logo accepted.
Can be used directly, we have sterilized it before delivery.

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