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Disposable Stone Extraction Basket

Our highly specialized stone extraction basket comes with a guide sheath that lubricates the instrument so the Dormia basket advances smoothly into the hard-to-reach biliary duct.

Once the basket is properly located within the duct, the contrast material is injected into the basket via an injection port on the control handle. The control handle can be customized according to the surgeon's preference so the stone retrieval basket can rotate or oscillate back and forth. These movements allow a surgeon to capture and remove stones from a patient's duct easily and effortlessly.

Features of Disposable Stone Retrieval Basket
1. The stone extraction basket is made of a four-wire design with premium grade alloys. Its rigid construction keeps the gallstone intact during removal.
2. Laser welded joint creates a reliable connection.

Applicable Surgical Operations
The stone extraction basket is used to remove gallstones within the biliary duct or other foreign matter in the upper or lower digestive tracts.

Technical Specs
Type Basket length (mm) Basket width (mm)
WSWL(A) 40 20
WSWL(B) 60 30

Package details:
Single sterilized packed with dialysis pouch. Then ten pieces put into a paper colored box together with the operation instruction. The outside package is corrugate carton, preventing the product from being damaged in the normal transportation and storage.
Also can as your requirement.

Customized logo accepted.
Can be used directly, we have sterilized it before delivery.

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