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Disposable Suture Passer

The suture passer is a medical device used for suture grasping and retrieval when closing up tissues.

Features of Single-Use Suture Passer
1. Safety

The lock-out mechanism ensures maximum safety in suturing, making it unlikely for the suture to slip out of position or collapse. The sutured wound will have restored flexibility after healing. Non-absorbable suture materials are antibacterial, non-toxic and unaffected by the body's biological processes.

2. Reliability
Surgeons feel tactile feedback on closing the jaw or pressing the safety lock on the suture passing device so they know when the action is completed, eliminating the need for X-ray, MRI and CT examination. The body of the suturing instrument, on hinged legs or peg legs, is smooth and won't stick to the tissue during insertion into the suture site nor does it cause reactions from rejection, bleeding or coagulation.

3. Efficiency
The suture grasper captures and retrieves sutures quickly and effectively. An ideal replacement for traditional silk ligatures, the suture doesn't need nails for fixation to the tissue.

4. Materials
The suture or wire ligature is made of medical POM. The fixed cover and base are made of ABS.

5. Sizes
Large, medium and small

6. Applicable Surgical Operations
Used to clip and close tissue bundles in abdominal surgery (removed after surgery).

6pcs in an ABS box, 20 boxes put into a paper colored box with introduction.

Customized logo accepted.
Can be used directly, we have sterilized it before delivery.

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