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Disposable Balloon Catheter

Features of the Balloon Catheter
1. The balloon catheter comes with a high pressure balloon that won't burst during inflation.
2. Graduation marks on the balloon are clearly visible with an X-ray.
3. The diameter of the biopsy catheter is specific to the kind of duct it is used in.
4. The balloon can be folded to one-third of its original size, so it can pass easily through a 2.8mm diameter hole during biopsy. After reaching its proper biopsy site, the balloon can safely and conviently expand under the guidance of an endoscope.
5. Matching guide wire size:0.035
6. Various specifications are equipped

Surgical Applications
This surgical instrument is used for the dilation of the esophageal, helicobacterial, and biliary duct.

Technical Specifications
Type Sheath outer diameter (+0.3~-0.1)x Sheath effective length (+_100) Balloon Diameter (+0.8~-1) x Balloon length(+_3) Rated Pressure Blasting Pressure Guide Wire Specifications
WQD-2119-0620 2.1x1900 6X20 10 12 0.035’’
WQD-2119-0640 6X40 10 12
WQD-2119-0840 8X40 8 12
WQD-2119-0860 8X60 8 12
WQD-2119-1030 10X30 6 10
WQD-2119-1040 10X40 6 10
WQD-2119-1060 10X60 6 10
WQD-2119-1240 12X40 5 8
WQD-2119-1260 12X60 5 8
WQD-2119-1440 14X40 4 8
WQD-2121-1460 2.1x2100 14X60 4 8
WQD-2121-1655 16X55 4 6
WQD-2121-1680 16X80 4 6
WQD-2121-1855 18X55 3 6
WQD-2121-1880 18X80 3 6
WQD-2121-2055 20X55 3 6
WQD-2121-2080 20X80 3 6
WQD-2121-2580 25X80 2.5 4
WQD-2121-3080 30X80 2.5 4
WQD-2121-3580 35X80 2.5 4

One piece packed with dialysis bag. Then put into a colored box together with the operation instruction.

Customized logo accepted.
Can be used directly, we have sterilized it before delivery.

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