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Disposable Rubber Band Ligator

A hemorrhoid is one of the most common disorders of the anus and rectum, but it often goes untreated. With WeCare's rubber band ligator, getting rid of hemorrhoids is easy and less painful.

Our efficient and patient-friendly rubber band ligation system doesn't require surgery or pain medication. Comprised of a rubber band firing body, inner tube, outer tube, rubber band, suction nozzle, wire reel, and ligator switch, the hemorrhoid ligation system treats hemorrhoids in a matter of seconds.

Features of Rubber Band Ligator
1. A high level of automation is achieved throughout the ligation process for an accurate and time-saving procedure.
2. Non-surgical treatment means the process does not leave any scar after the procedure.
3. The hemorrhoid ligator treats your hemorrhoid quickly with no recovery time needed.
4. Pain-free

Applicable Surgeries
Hemorrhoids in their first and third phase, mixed hemorrhoids, and partial ring hemorrhoids

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