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Tissue Processor

, TSJ-SD (with double tissue basket)
TSJ-SD tissue processor comes with a general-purpose computer control for reliable performance and added specimen safety.

Features of Tissue Processor
1. This tissue processor can store up to 8 programs that allow operators to choose from. Users can re-program the system for flexible operation based on the type and volume of specimens that need to be processed.
2. The switch for precise positioning of the tissue is purchased form Honeywell. Stepper motor and synchronous belt are used for transmission to ensure accurate positioning and operation.
3. Two tissue baskets are able to locate themselves precisely and automatically to eliminate the accumulative error arising from long-time operation.
4. Delayed start for 30 seconds prevents dripping of cleansing solution during running.

Related Description
No. of stations 14 in total, including 10 reagent stations and 4 paraffin stations
No. of baskets 2, allowing the running of 2 baskets under 2 different procedures at the same time.
Paraffin tank temperature 50 ℃ ~89 ℃ , freely adjustable
Stay time in each station 1 minute ~99 hours 59 minutes, freely adjustable
Stored Programs 6 (for convenience in use)
Delayed start 30 seconds, prevents dripping of liquid
Interval between agitation in each station 20 minutes,for improved immersion results
Dimensions 1400×500×550mm
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