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Automatic Slide Stainer

Whether it is a tissue excised from a human being, plant or an animal, the automatic slide stainer can color them all, via a process known as HE staining. As Chinese healthcare business is still on the rise, so is the need for histology and pathology slide stainer.

This integrated, compact slide stainer allows simultaneous staining of many slides, which is much faster, more reliable than manual staining. Automatic slide staining also reduces workload of paramedics.

Features of Automatic Slide Stainer
1. The staining solution uses a high-performing servo motor and synchronous belt for stable, quiet motion transmission.
2. Touch screen plus PLC system allows easy operation and straightforward display of operating status, thereby ensuring an extremely low failure rate.
3. Photoelectric switch is used for automatic, precise positioning.
4. Easy changing of programs, even during a processing run. An alarm will sound off upon completion of slide staining.
5. The cleansing tank and prep tank are two components arranged separately to ensure a smooth, high-performing staining process.
6. Upper and lower drawers
7. Three cleansing tank delivers water on demand using pressure to force water out.
8. Using a menu for graphical control reduces the number of instructions needed for operators to complete the operation.

Technical Specifications
Load capacity of slide rack 30 slides per rack
Maximum no. of slide racks (that can be processed at one time) 5 slide racks
Staining capacity Simultaneous staining of 150 microscope slides
No. of processing programs Simultaneous running of 5 different programs, each program containing at most 32 steps.
No. of tanks 26
No. of reagent tanks 17
Drying tank Temperature setting: room ambient ~70 ℃
Upper loading tank, lower loading tank 1 for each
Dimensions ( width×height×depth ) 1250×550×600mm
Weight 80kg
Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Power 200W
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