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Slide Stainer

    1. Automatic Slide Stainer, RSJWhether it is a tissue excised from a human being, plant or an animal, the automatic slide stainer can color them all, via a process known as HE staining.
    1. Slide Stainer, RSJ-SilverRSJ-Silver slide stainer is an improvement over its cousin RSJ, as the former allows simultaneous staining of more microscope slides than the latter. Its big memory stores up to 6 processing programs. More functions are available as detailed below.
Immediately after the tissue block is cut (or technically speaking, sectioned) into slices, cleaned and mounted on a piece of glass known as the slide, the tissue needs to be colored in a staining machine for better visibility under a microscope. That is where our slide stainer comes in, to effectively stain a microscope slide during specimen preparation.