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Flattening Table

The Wecare TPJ-A is a flattening table with a jet-black aluminum work surface that provides a sharp contrast to identify tissue sections. On this table, sectioned tissues are heated to a point that the paraffin wax surrounding them melts off while leaving the tissue sections intact.

Quite energy-saving and easy to operate, the flattening table takes very little time to reach preset temperature. A compact design comes with a footprint small enough to fit in tight spaces.

Features of Flattening Table
1. Programmable control system, membrane keyboard
2. Memorizes the set value automatically
3. Three-in-one cleaning, heating, and drying design
4. Industry-leading flattening table configurations deliver reliable performance in a lightweight body.
5. To heat and dry up the tissue section, users can either insert the sectioned tissue at an angle or put it on a slide rack.
6. Aluminum work surface provides high thermal conductivity rates and even heating for outstanding performance.

Related Specifications
Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Power 250w
Temperature Room ambient~99 ℃ . Insert the slide into the slot at a 20 ° angle. The work surface accommodates a total of 60 slides.
Dimensions 330×300×115mm
Net weight 7kg
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