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Specimen Preparation

    1. Tissue ProcessorTSJ computer controlled tissue processor is designed for routine processing of fixed tissue, delivering tissue quality at each step from dehydration to infiltration.
    1. Embedding StationAs a professional pathology instrument provider, we know that you only have one chance to prepare the specimen right and your patients are so anxious to know what disease they are suffering that they don't want to wait.
    1. Slide StainerImmediately after the tissue block is cut (or technically speaking, sectioned) into slices, cleaned and mounted on a piece of glass known as the slide, the tissue needs to be colored in a staining machine for better visibility under a microscope.
    1. Water BathThe Wecare PPJ-A is a water bath with an aluminum surface that provides outstanding thermal conductivity rates and a uniform temperature across the surface.
    1. Flattening TableThe Wecare TPJ-A is a flattening table with a jet-black aluminum work surface that provides a sharp contrast to identify tissue sections. On this table, sectioned tissues are heated to a point that the paraffin wax surrounding them melts off while leaving the tissue sections intact.
Wecare supplies a range of quality pathology equipment, including the tissue processor, embedding station, etc., and is the company that you can trust and keep coming back to.

Speciman preparation is key for accurately diagnosing diseases in the tissue, which is why WeCare has a range of quality pathology instruments. From the moment a small piece of tissue is cut from a patient, the tissue sample is preserved in chemicals in a process called fixation to stop it from decaying. A labeled tissue sample is then stored in formalin until it can be processed.

Specimen processing involves dehydrating the tissue sample, removing alcohol so it is more receptive to paraffin, and embedding it in paraffin in a block. The block is sliced into thin sections, placed on a slide, and stained so it can be viewed under a microscope and the cause of disease determined.

When you need to find out what is wrong with a tissue sample, you need quality specimen preparationinstruments that you can trust. From processing specimens to embedding and sectioning them, WeCare’s surgical instrument deliver quickly and safely specimens that are intact.