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Bone Fracture Repair

    1. Steel Plates (for Spinal Fixation)When your backbone breaks, these steel plates could be your lifesaver in the spinal fusion surgery as they keep the posterior part of your cervical vertebrae as well as thoracic vertebrae stabilized and in alignment.
    1. Locking Plate SystemWelcome to Wecare, where you can find almost everything needed for bone fracture repair. Featured on this page is a locking plate system available with threaded holes that accept a variety of locking screws and compression screws.
    1. Intramedullary Nailing SystemAll of our IM nails come with locking bolts on each end to prevent collapse or rotation of nails in inherently unstable fractures. Here we list some advantages involved in the use of Wecare intramedullary nailing system.
    1. Cannulated ScrewListed below are specific bone fracture situations that might require the use of our double-ended cannulated compression screw.
    1. Metallic Bone PlateWecare offers a plethora of choices for metallic bone plates. Each bone plate has been bent via a process known as pre-contouring so that the resulting plate can follow closely the shape of the bone to create a tight fit.
Wecare's range of internal fixation devices help orthopedists perform bone fracture repair with the most confidence. Whether you are looking for metal bone plates or cannulated screws, Wecare has the right product you need.

Wecare is a trusted medical instrument supplier in China. Order one piece of medical equipment from us, and you'll understand why. Our range of expertise covers surgical instruments, pathology instruments, and internal fixation devices, which are commonly used in general surgery, bone fracture repair, histology sample preparation, minimally invasive surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, and anorectal surgery.

Featured in this category are internal fixators for bone fracture repair especially in spinal fusion surgery, including bone screws, metal plates, pins, and nails. Many of our internal fixation devices have been certified under CE and GSE standards. So whatever you purchase from us, high quality is guaranteed. For more information, please click on a specific page.