Technical Support
WeCare's technical support guides you on selecting a model, replacing parts, maintaining and fixing products that break down, and answering frequently asked application and installation questions.

Order Management and Commercial Support
Services for contracted clients include order management and consultations for logistical and commercial information, such as product prices, inventory, lead time and invoices. We also deal with returned products and offer E-commerce support.

Pre-Sales and After-Sales Service
An expert team of overseas business representatives provide thorough after-sales services. They take care of any quality and service problems arising from day-to-day use of WeCare's surgical instruments and respond to questions within 24 hours.

Surgical Instruments and Bone Plates
WeCare surgical instruments and bone plates are shipped to customers by air or sea. If any product quality problem is found after receiving the product, we'll deliver a new product to customers in the shortest possible time. If the problem is caused by other issues, our business representatives will contact customers to advise them on an appropriate solution.

Pathology Equipment
Now and then our business representatives will reach out to customers to collect feedback and concerns about our pathology equipment. We build a separate profile for each product we sell so that product quality problems are easily traceable.

Complaints and Suggestions
WeCare takes our customers seriously, so when you send us a complaint, we set up a specialized team to resolve the issue immediately. We keep close track of the entire process to ensure your complaints are resolved thoroughly and to your satisfaction.

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