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Intramedullary Nailing System

    1. Gamma NailMaterial: Titanium alloy
      Diameter (mm) : 10
      Length (mm) : 180
    1. Tibial NailMaterial: Titanium alloy
      Diameter (mm) : 8.4
      Product ID No. : 8684255-375
    1. Femoral NailMaterial: Titanium alloy
      Diameter (mm) : 9.4
      Product ID No. : 8194320-400
Wecare provides a comprehensive range of intramedullary nailing systems suitable for use in literally any anatomic locations. All of our IM nails come with locking bolts on each end to prevent collapse or rotation of nails in inherently unstable fractures. Here we list some advantages involved in the use of Wecare intramedullary nailing system.

1. Ease of installation
2. Conforms perfectly to the shape of fractured bone. As a type of anatomic instrument, the interlocking nail has beveled sides to facilitate its placement into the anatomic site. The intramedullary nailing system also allows a 5° range of motion, which makes it easier to insert the nail from the top part of the great trochanter in femoral fracture repair surgery.
3. Ideal load distribution. The groove at the flexible tip of the nail allows easier penetration into the fractured bone, avoiding localized stress at the distal end of the nail.