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Locking Plate System

    1. Locking Plate

      Material: Pure titanium, Stainless steel
      No. of Holes : 4
      Length (mm) : 109
      Product ID No. : 4423004 R/L

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    1. Mini Locking PlateVarious types of bone fractures and bone repair surgeries require the use of our mini locking plate, including:
      Distal and Middle Phalanx Fracture
      Ligament tear
    1. Locking Screw SystemMaterial: Titanium alloy
      Diameter (mm) : 2.0
      Length (mm) : 6-22 (minimum increment of 2mm)
      Product ID No. : 4802006- 4802022
Welcome to Wecare, where you can find almost everything needed for bone fracture repair. Featured on this page is a locking plate system available with threaded holes that accept a variety of locking screws and compression screws.

Wecare is proud to say that its locking plate system is designed with compression holes that allow for compression and locking in one step. As screws are tightened, they lock to the plate, without the need to compress the bone to the plate.

Better still, Wecare keeps in stock a complete range of locking screws to meet your needs in clinical use. Especially noteworthy is our cannulated locking screw, which enables seamless integration with this locking plate system. Those locking screws are best used in cancellous bones.

For deep, rigid fixation of cancellous bones, our range of locking plates is the best fit, providing maximum locking strength.