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Metallic Bone Plate

Wecare offers a plethora of choices for metallic bone plates. Each bone plate has been bent via a process known as pre-contouring so that the resulting plate can follow closely the shape of the bone to create a tight fit.

Wecare metallic bone plate is hot pressed using molds to ensure consistency in plate quality. In clinical applications, the pre-contoured plate may still need to be bent a little when applied to irregular bones that are rarely seen in surgical operations. One good thing about Wecare metallic bone plate is that it needs little or no further contouring, which reduces operative time and work load. The hot pressed plate overcomes the problem of localized stress as is often the case with the cold-stamped plate. It is also unlikely to break during the healing period.

As a major orthopedic plate supplier in China, we supply different types of bone plates for use in treating fractured phalanx bone, metacarpal bone, pelvis, tibia, fibula, femur, humerus ,ulna, and radius, etc.